Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mr. Fishing, Bill Dance talks about spooling line. Ugh!

Almost every day I’m asked what you need to do to turn pro or be a better amateur competitor. There’s lots of stuff. So many points to hit that it could fill a book. But sometimes it’s the obvious things that people don’t even consider. Like taking care of your line. Sounds too basic but I’ll admit I hate changing line and I’ve lost fish because I don’t do it often enough. Now I know you think I’ve got people who take care of my equipment and that’s partially true now with my schedule the way it is. But the folks at Triangle Sport have stepped up and made a product that’s going to help everyone including me.

Doing the work I do affords me the opportunity to fish for many different specie. Both fresh and saltwater. My line test ranges from 4 to 200 pound. So you can imagine the different reels I use from ultralight spinning to 40-size spinning reels. Baitcasters range all the way to light saltwater. I’m like a lot of people. I’m lazy about changing my line. But with the new Triangle equipment I can change line on multiple reels pretty doggone fast. And it’s fun. It gives me more time to do what I like to do – fish.

Now these Triangle folks have been building line winders for almost 40 years. They’ve been making them for my friends at Stren and nearly every tackle shop has got at least one. Now they are making them available to everyone so there ain’t any more excuses why you don’t change your line as often as you should. You can buy the same machines you see at Bass Pro Shops and other retailers or you can buy one of the portable models called the Cyclone Pro. Now the Pro is designed for guys like us and only sold direct from Triangle. It will strip line in a flash and leave you with a neat little bundle you can recycle easily. Spooling up conventional reels and spinning rigs is just as easy. You don’t even have to take the reel off the rod anymore. Keep your linewinder in your truck or on the boat because it doesn’t take up that much space. And if that ain’t good enough for you, remember it is made right here in the USA and guaranteed for 2 years. So stop fooling with all those gadgets where you gotta use a drill or hang off the end of a rod and get the one made by the company that makes the toughest units out there.


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