Saturday, January 26, 2008

An angler’s fishing line is perhaps the most important piece of equipment that they have. Anglers at all levels may not recognize this fact, but it's none the less true. I've seen many anglers who go for months if not seasons without changing their fishing line. To me going for an entire season or even a month or so without changing my fishing line seems crazy, especially seeing as how I change my line every day during competition and every time I go out fishing.I know that many times anglers look at their line and if it looks fine they figure its ok. I also know that line can be expensive. However, how important is catching that fish to you!

Stress on the line will greatly wear it down. Whether fighting against a ten pound fish or hooking a jagged rock, any time the fishing line is taut, it is being stretched. Fishing lines are generally meant to be stretched in order to control the catch. They can take a lot of stretching, but this will still contribute to the line weakening. Any object taking on stress will weaken over time. This means that your fishing line needs to be changed frequently. The older the line, the more likely it will snap in the middle of a fight with a strong fighting fish. Fishing line can be damaged easily without being noticed. If you want to be sure your line will not snap, change it before each outing. Different hazards like rocks and sticks can damage the fishing line from contact, so occasionally check to make sure it is clear of any nicks or knots. If you find a weak spot like this higher up on the line, simply cut it off and retie.

Also, when replacing fishing line, be considerate of nature by cutting up the old line and properly disposing of it. Many fishermen will leave an old line out where animals can get tangled in it and die.When fighting a decent fish, three things can happen: (1) the fish goes deep, pulling the line across rocks, logs or other hard objects, (2) the fish is big and the line will rub across its body, tail, or teeth and (3) simply the line will stretch and become fatigued, eventually prompting the line to break.

Taking care of your fishing line is real important. I travel all over the country and I'm constantly going from extreme heat to extreme cold, moist conditions, whatever it may be. Keeping your line in an air-tight storage container that you can find virtually anywhere will keep your line in great shape. Especially if you're using bulk spools that may take a little longer to use up. Fishing line can be damaged by UV rays from the sunshine but also from extreme heat and extreme cold temperatures. Damage can happen if you keep your line out in the boat or in the truck. It can become weak and damaged. Keep your line in a storage container, keep it indoors and your line will stay strong. Spooling your line as often as should can also be a pain. I have found this to be one of the main reasons anglers don't change their line often enough. Well this has been solved with a new portable line winder called the Cyclone Pro. It is made by Triangle, makers of the professional equipment tackle shops use so you know it is durable and well made.This machine will strip your line off, and spool your line on faster than you can imagine. The bottom line is that your fishing line is incredibly important to your fishing success. It needs to be changed often to keep its strength. As I said, I change my line often. Anytime it starts to coil or fray, I change it as well. Never forget, your fishing line is as important as the type of bait or lure that you may be using, and you need to pay as much attention to your line as you do any other aspect of your fishing.


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